September haul + Swatches

A few days ago i received some money from someone so i thought “what should i buy with this money?”. i’m a big spender and also a make up addict so why not buy some make up products? :))
so this is what i bought – enjoy πŸ˜›
ooo… i thought i should share my thoughts about some of the products so i hope they are going to help you πŸ˜›

So i bought some make up brushes from ELF. I personaly love ELF, i think it’s a brand that gives you quality are a small price.

1. Concealer brush

I like this brush a lot but not for concealer :)) i think for concealer it’s to hard and you cannot blend the product easily. I use it for smudging or applying eyeshadow in the inner corner of the eye or on the lower lash line.

2. Foundation brush

It’s a great brush!!! i love it!! It has a small handle that is very easy to use and helps you apply liquid foundation or even i used it with with a foundation that has more of a creamy feel. It blends very well and i totaly recommend it!

3. Blending brush

This brush is a good brush. When i saw it on the site a thought it was bigger, but it’s not…anyway it’s good for contouring i think, because i cannot get the blending effect… πŸ˜›

Now the eye brushes
4. Eyeliner brush

I thought that this brush is a thiner one, but it’s not… it’s actually a thick brush so i cannot get to apply eyeliner… Anyway i use it for applying eyeshadow on the lower las line or for smudging.i think is a good brush πŸ™‚

5. Eye shadow brush

It’s a great brush for applying eye shadow like lose eye shadow, pressed eye shadow, mineral eye shadow, pigments, any kind of eye shadow wet or dry. you can also blend with it so it’s great!

6. Definig eye brush

This it a great brush for getting the V shape on the outer corner of the eye, applying highlighter, blending and even for applying eye shadow.

7. Blending eye brush

Tish is my favoutrite brush. I great for everything! I tried to apply concealer with it and it worked. It’s great for blending eye shadows, applying eyeshadows. It’s an awesome brush!!!! i lov it and i think i will some more :))

8. Smudge eye sponge

This is a great brush for smudging eye pencil. i use it for smudging the black pencil when i’m going for a smokey look or for something that requires black eye pencil smudged πŸ˜›

This are the brushes. Per total i think the brushes are great and i totally recomend them.
Along with the brushes i bought some products from Elf, Avon and a palette from a local shop.
I made some photos of the eye shadows and also some swatches.

1. Liquid eyeliner in Coffee from elf

2. All over cover stick in spotlight from elf

i use it for highlight under my eyebrows and for the apples of my cheks. it has a creamy formula so it’s easy to apply. i sometimes use it for getting a nude ffect on my lips.

3. Blush in Glow from elf

it’s agrat peachy-goldish color that blends very well and gives you that glowy shinny efect of heathy skin.

4. Lip gloss in Watermelon from elf

in one coat it’s a pale pink color but apply more and you’ll get a more dramatic pink look.

5. Eye shadow Quad – Green forest i think (i don’t have the box here so sorry :)) from Avon

6. Make up palette from a local shop – no name – glittery colors

Blush colors

I know it’s kind of a long post, i hope it’s not to boring so enjoy and i hope my reviews are helpfull.

Xoxo ille


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